Are you a Noble disciple?

Disagreements with people.

In a discourse about the eight worldly conditions – Loka Dhamma sutta, the Buddha explains:

  • Gain/loss
  • Praise/Censure
  • Status/Disgrace
  • Pleasure/Pain

are the eight wordly conditions that humans will experience frequently in the world.

In this discourse the Buddha explains what the difference is between a Noble disciple of the Buddha and one who is caught up in the world (worldling). This may sound judgemental and harsh however please understand the Buddha was undoubtedly the most compassionate and peaceful being of our time. The Lord Buddha speaks Truth to power, Truth to ignorance, Truth to delusion. He makes the path clear.

In a nutshell the Noble disciple observes these eight conditions as not-self as impermanent and as pain and stress i.e Dukkha. The Noble disciple will not cling or crave any of these eight conditions. The Noble disciple comprehends Dukkha through the cultivation and development of the Noble eightfold path and comprehends these eight conditions as they are – all Dukkha. The Noble disciple will not get swayed by these eight worldly conditions and thus will always maintain a steady and peaceful mind no matter the circumstance. The Noble disciple dwells in Nirodha (freedom).

The worldling suffers much when these conditions arise why? The worldling sees these eight conditions as self as permanent and not as they are i.e Dukkha. The worldling simply does not comprehend Dukkha. The worldling will get swayed and rocked by these eight worldly conditions as the worldling has not cultivated and developed the Noble eightfold path thus the mind is distracted, unsettling and chaotic. The worlding dwells in Dukkha why? The worldling craves pleasure, craves status, craves praise, craves gain and despizes loss, despizes pain, despizes digrace, despizes censure thus the mind of the worldling is happy with pleasure but disgruntled with pain. Happy with praise but disgruntled with censure. Happy with status but disgruntled with disgrace. Happy with gain but disgruntled with loss. Are you a worldling? Do you cling to pleasure and have aversion to pain?

Now this was a brief summary and I suggest you have a good read of this discourse to see how the Buddha wonderfully expands on these conditions and gives the solution, the antidote. I am not going to give away the whole discourse!

Anti-depressant sales are staggering these days. The amount of people particularly in the western world that are on anti-depressants will surprise you. Now I am not going to have a rant about anti-depressants but look more at the fact that their sales ought to be really low what do you think?

Low self esteem, lack of confidence, bitterness, resentment and vindication it doesn’t end. The wheel of depression and anxiety are rife when you consider how many people need to be medicated. There is a solution thats the goods news. The solution is to strengthen yourself. Empower yourself with correct knowledge. You deserve better. Feed your mind the Dhamma of the Lord Buddha everyday and you will grow you will advance to freedom.

These eight worldly conditions are real for the worldling but not real for the Noble disciple – think about it.

May the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha bless and guide you always.

If I have written anything not in line with Dhamma I ask for forgiveness.


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