How is your heart?

Be less busy!

I called a friend a few days ago. Just to ask her how she was doing, how her family was. Her response “I’m so busy with this and that. I have so much going on.” Not long after that I ran into another friend and asked him how he was. Again,  same response: “I’ve been so busy, always so much to do.”

Both their tones so overwhelmed and plain tired. Children are feeling this way as well. I recently tried to tee up a visit with one of my youngest sons friends. When I asked his mother for his availability she scrolled through her outlook phone planner and said her child was only available in no less than four weeks’ time as he was “busy” with rugby, debating, tutoring…etc. Continue reading

Emma’s visit to Wat Buddharangsee

Check out Emma Brodies delightful recount of her visit to Wat Buddharangsee.

Alice and I went to visit the Thai Temple Wat Buddharangsee in Annandale on the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend 11th June. It’s on quite an ordinary Sydney suburban street, Trafalgar Street. The monks live there in the monastery, the building in front of the temple. The monks are very holy, they live a spiritual life so they’re not allowed to shake hands with women, or to handle money, but they have respect for all beings. Continue reading

Patience and Persistence!

Patience and Persistence

At kindy we have two hermit crabs, and in these past two weeks they have opted to change their shells twice. They are persistent at finding the right fit. However, are they happy now? Do their shells fit? Will they want to move again?  Their behaviour caused me to reflect on an individual’s very own life and how finding and recreating ourselves is in fact a life long journey that are marked out by experiences. Many will say “will this ever be right? Will we ever get “there”? Continue reading

When life lets you down!

Bhante reminded me that I haven’t written an article for a while. He is right it has been sometime however running my own education and care service as well as taking care of my family can leave me with little time to do the things I enjoy. One being a support person to people in my community, writing, studying the Dhamma and following my practice. So yes not having time to do things that I want to do may disappoint me or others. Continue reading

Travelers on a journey

I believe we are travelers on an extraordinary journey through different life times, in different realms of existence.  We are travelling through an ever changing environment , where no two conditions can stay the same.  Traveling in groups, practicing skills that perhaps have already been learned with people who we were connected in one way or another (good or bad) in our past lives. Travelling with individuals who we have a strong sense of connection with in a way that cannot be explained.  Travelling and experiencing moments of” De ja vu” because we have indeed been in this similar place before. Continue reading

How to accumulate spiritual wealth!

Many people strive to be financially wealthy . Most of us work to earn and save lots of money . We make big or small financial investments for our future and have different types of accounts for our money, namely; credit cards, investments, bank accounts etc. We work so hard for these investments  in order to  receive a hefty balance because with money life is easier. Lots of money makes us happier….Really?

I believe the account we should work on opening and inflating is a “merit account” . Continue reading