Growing everyday

The principal purpose of Lokanatha Buddhist Association (Lba) is to advance Buddhism in NSW, Australia.

Lba Online (this website) aims to provide online resources for people who are interested in the Teachings of the Lord Buddha.

Our activities (set out in Lba Constitution below) describe Lba strategy and intention. The Constitution is a document set up by the founding committee. Please see the Lba constitution below for an in-depth understanding of how Lba works and functions.

To achieve the goals intended Lba organises; workshops, meetings, general meetings, events and gatherings. Lba works in conjunction with Wat Buddharangsee Annandale and branch locations.

With the support of generous members and friends Lba continues to grow.

Welcome and please enjoy your time with Lba online. 

Venerable G Varapañño.

LBA Constitution


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