Growing everyday

The principal purpose of Lokanatha Buddhist Association (Lba) is to advance Buddhism in NSW, Australia.

Lba Online (this website) is a branch of the Association whose principle purpose is to provide online resources for people who are interested in the Teachings of the Lord Buddha by providing a refuge in terms of web location, web presence and guidance.

Our activities (set out in Lba Constitution below) describe Lba strategy and intention. The Constitution is a document set up by the founding board to govern and give structure to the Association. Please see the Lba constitution below for an in-depth understanding of how Lba works and functions.

To achieve the goals intended Lba organises; workshops, meetings, general meetings, events and gatherings for members and friends regularly. Members have access to an online email forum and have access to Lba minutes, financials, voting rights and other member privileges. Lba online is a work in progress which furthers the Associations initiatives. LOKA BLOG continues to grow attracting people from not only Australia but other countries as well.

Future goal is to establish a physical headquarters that shall contain space for a hermitage, office for Lba and community hall for local gatherings. Currently Lba holds an office in Five Dock. With the support of generous members and friends Lba continues to press on to keep growing and become better and better everyday.

                      Welcome and please enjoy your time with Lba online.

Bhikkhu G Varapañño.

LBA Constitution

Lba Board and Committees

Honorary members

Genevieve Hilton

Roberta Marchesini

Eric Nordstrom          Eric supported Lba with website creation. At first offering discounted rates then offering his time generously for 3 years. We honour Eric and appreciate everything he has done for Lba.

Honorary members are (to begin with) any founding member that assisted Lba from its inception. Honorary members have shown much devotion, dedication and have given exceptional service and assistance over a minimum of three years. Honorary Members shall hold Lba membership permanently without ever having to pay any fees (Lba doesn’t charge fees at this time) and have access to all member privileges.

Board – Office Bearing Committee

President                  Ven. Giorgio Varapañño

Public Officer  Stephanie Pugliese

Secretary          Danielle Camilleri 

Board & Committees (explained)

1. The Board are the Office bearing committee members – President, Public officer, Secretary and Treasurer.

2. The Directors are the Ordinary committee members – appointed roles by the office bearing committee. This committee is an extension of the office bearing committee.

3. Managers are the Sub committee members – appointed roles by the office bearing committee according to region or location.  This committee is an extension of the office bearing committee.

Devoted people

Committees are hosted by people who are devoted to the Lokanatha Buddhist Association mission and objectives. Committee members devote time, effort, finances and heartfelt compassion. Please be respectful and courteous at all times, the committee is here to be of service and to help wherever possible.

Interested in becoming a Board or committee member?

The first step is to become a Member. Please visit the ‘Join’ page to complete the application form.