Kamma briefly

It’s the end of August 2017 already! How time flies and before we know it we are at the point of departure from this world, simple and true. The Law of Kamma is fascinating to say the least but not so fascinating is the fact that it traps us into action. In other words human beings are forced to action whether they like it or not (Arahants are free from the Law of Kamma). Think about it for a moment or two…

Try not to speak, or do something physically. Try not to think. Can you do it? I know I cannot, I know that whether I like it or not I am forced to do things everyday. ‘I’ don’t have a say in this. Interesting that we talk about freedom in worldly terms as ‘financial freedom’ or freedom to ‘choose’ (wellbeit from limited options). Just take a look and see how many choices you do not actually have. Financial freedom does not get rid of the Law of Kamma, unfortunately.

Lets look at this briefly (as this an update!) Monday-Sunday you have to wake up and get out of bed and do something, there is no choice! Hunger is only appeased by eating, a full bladder is only appeased by urination i.e. We do not get a say in this. The physical heart is an interesting subject upon reflection; it beats on its own and when its done, it is done, we have no say in this. ‘All conditioned things are inconstant/impermanent’ destined to start and finish and the Law of Kamma keeps us on the treadmill.

So where does freedom lie? It is in the Lord Buddha’s Teachings. Friends develop and cultivate Wisdom through Lord Buddha’s Dhamma. The practice of the four: Dana, Sīla, Samādhi and Pañña (In brief) will lead us out of harms way and guide us to freedom from Dukkhā. Go the good way and lead yourself out of harm and pain with the reliable guide of the Great Seer.

Friends there is little in terms of the Association this month:

1. The website is updated and online forums have been created.

2. LBA  has a new project in Italy. This project is a great test and challenge, and with all good intentions we would like to make the generous offering by two special people work for the future generations of Italy. Helpers and volunteers are welcome.

3.  LBA is seeking a Secretary and Treasurer. If you are interested please become a member first and let the Public officer know of your intent by email – publicofficer@myloka.org.au. (Please be aware that LBA needs people residing in NSW and to have appropriate credentials).


Finally, I would like to add here that being a monk I would like to spend as little time on the internet as possible. At times I have to upkeep this site and make sure everything is updated and backed up. I believe a monthly update is enough online stuff for me and hopefully in the not so distant future I will be replaced!

May the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha guide and bless you always.

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