Happy 2019

With great appreciation thank you for supporting our Association and for helping our community grow.

The association is growing steadily. In 2018 we had:

  • Growth in membership.
  • Growth in blog readership.
  • Growth in fundraising.

I hope Lba continues to flourish in 2019.

With Metta

Bhikkhu GV.



Kathina AGM 2018

You probably won’t learn about Meditation at Buddhist Temple

Although meditation is an important factor of the Noble eightfold path it is not everything. Meditation means to reflect or ponder on a subject perhaps to investigate and observe. Concentration is another thing although similar to reflection there is a fine line of distinction between the two. One could say that concentration is one pointedness of mind similar to a laser beam that stays fixed on a certain object. Continue reading

Sariputta and Maha Moggallana’s death.

Sariputta and Maha-Moggallana were such wonderful disciples that the Buddha said the assembly of monks appeared empty to him after their death. It was marvelous he said, that such an excellent pair of disciples existed. But it was marvelous, too, that, in spite of their excellence, there was no grief, no lamentation on the part of the Master, when the two had passed away.[11]  

Continue reading