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LBA Constitution

The LBA Constitution  outlines; Mission, structure, regulations, and duties. If you agree with the LBA constitution and are ready to apply for nomination please fill out the application below. The Lba constitution can be found at the end of the Mission summary.

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Please note

A) if you are under 18 years of age you will need to provide parental consent. You can still apply here! Please provide us with your parents contact information in your application in any of the text box areas and we will forward them the necessary details for completion.

B) Australian citizens or residents will need to provide relevant identification. 

C) Foreign applicants shall furnish a copy of passport and a copy of a utility bill with name and current address. Foreign applicants are required to sign a Non-disclosure agreement and confidentiality agreement. 

(D) To qualify for a position on the Board; the applicant needs to be an ordinary member for at least six months before consideration. Board members are required to be Australian citizens or residents and shall reside in the state of NSW. Applicants will need to provide a personal record issued by the NSW Police Dept. 

Your Information

All information collected for membership purposes is held private  and not shared with ANY third party. If any legal authority such as the ACNC, Fair Trading or police request your information you will be notified immediately.

Lba is legally required to abide by all state and federal privacy laws. Your details are safe with us. They will be seen by the Board i.e. Secretary, Public Officer and President but are not shared with any ordinary member. Your information stays locked away and will be destroyed if you relinquish your membership.

Not sure?

If you have any questions please visit the Loka Blog page to discover more about Lba. If the Loka blog is still not enough to encourage you to become a member please contact us by by visiting the ‘contact & info’ page located in the menu above.

Thank you for applying for membership! please allow 7-10 working days for a response.