Songkran at Wat Buddharangsee 2019

At Wat Buddharangsee worshippers celebrated the festival of Songkran. It is  also known as the water festival. It celebrates water as a ritual of washing away negativity from the year before. Worshippers celebrating Songkran took part in a traditional pouring of water that symbolises washing away back luck and wrong doings from a person’s life. A new start! The fragrant water that was filled with rose petals was poured over the golden Buddha and gently washed the hands of monks. This action set to bring good health and luck for the year that follows.

Bhante Giorgio’s  Dhamma talk rieterated the message that evolving into ones practise is key to freedom and we should not wait for another year to get started. Ones practise must include Dana (Generosity), Sila (Morality)  and Bhavana ( Meditation) Bhante invited all worshippers to  chanting and meditation that occur 6:25 pm daily at Wat Buddharangsee at Trafalger Street Annandale.

Happy New Year!

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