Bhikkhu G. Varapañño

Ven. G. Varapañño’s ordination took place on July 30th 2012 at Wat Pa Buddharangsee, Leumeah, NSW, Australia. Preceptor Tan Chau Koon Samaye. Ordination Acariya - Ajahn Muun Abbot of Wat Buddharangsee in Annandale, NSW, Australia.

Stephanie Pugliese
Public Officer
Danielle Camilleri
Honorary Members

Genevieve Hilton

Founding & Honorary member 

Genevieve has contributed much to Lokanatha Buddhist association. Genevieve stepped down from role as Treasurer on this day the 24th November 2016. The committee honours Genevieve's devotion and dedication as a founding member of the community.

Genevieve created the Lokabags project and assisted Lokanatha Buddhist association with setup, financial agreements, countless meetings and behind the scenes work. Her financial contributions and enthusiasm made the founding process a breeze.

Roberta Marchesini

Founding & Honorary member

Roberta resigned from her position as Public Officer as of the 14th of April 2017. The committee honours Roberta's devotion and dedication as a founding member of the Lokanatha Buddhist association.

Roberta designed the original Lokanatha Buddhist association logo. She organised events and gatherings. Roberta helped the charity to gain charitable funding status. 

Eric Nordstrom

Honorary member

Eric stepped down from his role of website master in January 2018. The committee honours Eric and appreciates everything he has done.

Eric assisted Lokanatha Buddhist association with website creation and support. Initially Eric offered discounted rates then donated his time generously.