Timeless Wisdom. What are your world views?

The plethora of world views.

Some of them revolve around dominating others. Some of them revolve around war. Some revolve around us and them. Some revolve around extremism and torture. Some of them revolve around self annihilation. Some preach deception. Some rationalise doing harm. Some revolve around equality for all. Some revolve around slavery.

How many world views lead to peace, serenity and liberation for all beings? What view leads to “Do no harm”.

Which one do you follow? Time to make a choice.

Choosing well and making right decisions are vital for a prosperous life. Like one of my Teachers said – practice well in your life when you get old you will be glad.

I have heard people say that Buddhism needs to be modernised. Let us take a look at the current world. Wars keep happening. Deceit and false propaganda is in our midst. Killing is rationalised. Sexual misconduct is seen as normal. Engaging in gossip and spreading falsehoods is rampant. Buddhism needs to be modernised?

Wisdom defies modern times.

The Four Noble Truths are the right view. Through thorough contemplation one can discern this to be fact. The Lord Buddha’s Wisdom is seldom understood because it is deep and all encompassing. Through study, practice, development and cultivation of the Teachings will one get close to Buddha’s Wisdom. This is the good news.

The Teachings of the Lord Buddha lead to Nibbana. It is clear that hatred of any sort, greed of any sort, delusion of any sort ought to be destroyed. The right view has been declared by the Lord Buddha a long time ago. Wisdom is timeless. Even though times change. Times are not timeless. History is all but a whitewash of impermanent perceptions. Inaccurate opinions.

Wisdom defies modern times.

Why? There is not one word or phrase that promotes nor leads to violence of any sort. There is not one word or phrase that promotes nor leads to greed of any sort. There is not one word or phrase that leads to delusion of any sort. Such is the Lord Buddha’s Teaching.

Lord Buddha taught us how to develop generosity, goodwill, compassion, joy through appreciation, equanimity and the path to liberation. There is but one Teaching. The modern world however still rationalises violence, killing, stealing and telling falsehoods (to say the least). The modern world has hardly progressed. Lord Buddha’s timeless wisdom reminds us of what a truthful upright existence ought to be.

More than ever this world needs generosity and compassion. More than ever this world needs humans to be peaceful with one another.

Does the doctrine that you follow allow killing of living beings? Does it allow false speech? Does it allow stealing? Does it allow sexual perversion and misconduct? Does it allow for intoxication of mind? If so I strongly advise to change course right now. This minute.

Choose well.


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