You probably won’t learn about Meditation at Buddhist Temple

Although meditation is an important factor of the Noble eightfold path it is not everything. Meditation means to reflect or ponder on a subject perhaps to investigate and observe. Concentration is another thing although similar to reflection there is a fine line of distinction between the two. One could say that concentration is one pointedness of mind similar to a laser beam that stays fixed on a certain object.

Perhaps what you will learn at a Buddhist temple is about the Teachings of the Lord Buddha. You will hear and learn to see with distinction the depth of Lord Buddha’s wisdom. Right Concentration is essential but is only one eighth of the Noble eightfold path. Developing concentration usually (but not always) begins with the Right View and understanding of the Teaching. Once endowed with the correct knowledge then one can see and know what the purpose of concentration and meditation plays in the development of wisdom.

Wisdom holds the key to the complete destruction of ignorance and fetters and is the ultimate focus of the novice of the Lord Buddha’s Teaching. Wisdom is born when all the factors of the Noble eightfold path are developed and cultivated.

When visiting a temple Buddhist monks do not necessarily teach meditation to the aspirant or novice. Rather discussions on Dhamma and cultivating understanding is more likely to occur. Hint: to get pointers on meditation practice get to know a monk personally.

There are many places and teachers that teach meditation. Many disciples of the Lord Buddha knew how to meditate and concentrate with distinction however they were deficient in knowledge or Teachings of the the Lord Buddha. Please keep this is mind when wanting to learn meditation i.e. it is only part of the path.

With Right view one will open the Dhamma eye becoming a stream enterer.